Gear Monkey provides more hands on training with our trucks than any other school around!


How do we do this?

We ask our students to come to class with their Class A CDL Permit the very first day.  We do this to maximize their time with the truck and trailer.

The practice requires a student to study the Commercial Drivers License Manual, and take free practice tests online on their own time.  The written tests for the permit are all multiple choice, and by doing free online practice tests, you get insight into what the test questions will be like.

Why do we do this?

At Gear Monkey, we want you to succeed in passing your CDL Exam.  By giving you more time with a truck and trailer, we are boosting your changes of obtaining your CDL license.

Many local schools require you to spend the entire first week of class (40 Hours!!) in the classroom studying for the permit test.  What a waste of your time & money!

What does this mean for our students?

Our approach give our students as much time as possible with hands on training.  Students are getting a full 160 hours with our trucks and trailers for the same price as other schools.  The other guys only give you 120 hours behind the wheel!

For example, if you are enrolled in a 160 hour 4 week course at another school, 25% of your time is spent in a classroom studying for your permit test.  At Gear Monkey, you will be out learning on the trucks the very first day.

The average cost of a 160 hour class is $4,000.  This means that those students are paying $1,000 (25% of their tuition) to a school to study for the permit test!!  

Why pay someone else $1,000 of your hard earned money and time to study for the permit test, when you can do that on your own prior to class beginning??  That money and time is better used at Gear Monkey on learning your pre-trip inspection,  mastering your skills test, and driving out on the road!  We give you 100% hand on experience, learning with a truck.